Fruit Juice Sweetened Banana Splits

Fruit Juice Sweetened Banana Splits
Fruit Juice Banana Split

Delicious & Nutritious . . . two of our favorite things! These Banana Splits are so yummy-healthy they make a perfect breakfast OR dessert! icon smile Fruit Juice Sweetened Banana Splits

Here’s how:




Plain Organic Yogurt

SunTropics Fruit Juice (any fruit, according to preference)

Optional: If you prefer additional sweetness, Raw Organic Honey can also be added to taste

Additional Toppings:

Any toppings you like! We used the following:

Organic Granola

Organic Dates, chopped

Sun Tropics Dried Organic Pineapples, chopped

Strawberries, sliced



1. Slice the banana(s) length-wise (as pictured). Place on plate or in a bowl (or, if you love the tropics as much as we do, use a shell!). icon wink Fruit Juice Sweetened Banana Splits

2. Mix your sweet yogurt filling. In a bowl, spoon in as much plain organic yogurt as you would like to fill your banana with (we use about 1/2 cup per banana). By the tablespoon, keep adding SunTropics Fruit Juice to your taste preference. If your taste buds crave extra sweetness, add raw organic honey by the teaspoon to taste.

3. Spoon mixture over sliced bananas.

4. Top with additional toppings according to your preference.

5. Enjoy! Feel free to take photos of your lovely creations and share with us what you think on our Facebook Page!

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