Pineapple Hula Dancers

Pineapple Hula Dancers

Break out the ukelele music and invite some friends over for a tropical themed party! We don’t know what’s more fun: making these little Pineapple Hula Dancers or watching how much our guests love them! Try them out and let us know whatchya think! icon smile Pineapple Hula Dancers

All you need is:

  • String Cheese
  • Ham, thinly sliced into strips as pictured
  • Sun Tropics Dried Organic Pineapple Rounds
  • Grapes, Cherries, or Cherry Tomatoes (We used Grapes)
  • Toothpicks
  • Wooden Skewers

Pineapple Hula Group 4 Closer 300x200 Pineapple Hula Dancers

Pineapple Hula Single 1 200x300 Pineapple Hula Dancers









1. Cut String Cheese in half horizontally, then vertically (you can make four Hula Dancers with each String Cheese). Make a small slit in the bottom of each piece to be the “legs” as pictured.

2. Skewer the String Cheese, starting at the top (where the “head” will be) down through the body, pushing the skewer almost all the way through until the String Cheese sits at the top of the skewer with only about a half inch remaining out the top (this is where we will secure the “head”). The sharp end of the skewer should be facing down so you can secure it into a sturdy piece of fruit (or whatever else you would like to use!).

3. Secure ham with toothpick as pictured toward the top of the String Cheese. The toothpick will also form the “arms.”

Pineapple Hula How To 1 200x300 Pineapple Hula Dancers

4. Slice a slit in the pineapple round so it fits on the String Cheese as a hula skirt as pictured.

Pineapple Hula How To 2 200x300 Pineapple Hula Dancers

5. Ease a grape “head” onto the top of the skewer.

Pineapple Hula Single 4 200x300 Pineapple Hula Dancers

6. Create your dance scene by sticking the skewers into secure fruit in a basket, or however else you can think of!

Pineapple Hula Group1 280x300 Pineapple Hula Dancers

*Did you create any variations when making your Pineapple Hula Dancers? We’d love to hear about and see them–feel free to share them with us on our Facebook Page!

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