Fruit Bar Faces

Fruit Bar Faces
Fruit Bar Faces

Need to liven up the party in a way that’s delicious, nutritious, and super-fun? Kids LOVE to create faces on their fruit bars! There are a few tricks to keep the bars from melting away before the fun is done–Here’s how:


Sun Tropics Frozen Fruit Bars

Frosting *This is the “glue” to hold the face parts to the fruit bars–If you do not have pre-made frosting, you can make an easy paste by mixing 1 cup powdered sugar with 1.5 Tablespoons Sun Tropics Juice or Nectar (any flavor works!).

Edible Items to Use as Face Parts *We used pre-made eye-ball sprinkles found in the bakery section of the grocery store. We then cut grapes and watermelon into the shapes of noses and mouths. But we encourage you to get creative with other fruits and berries! Just be sure to have all your face features cut, ready, and spread out on plates before you take the fruit bars out of the freezer. You won’t want to waste valuable time cutting them out while your fruit bars melt! icon smile Fruit Bar Faces

Cupcake Papers *Cut a small slit in the bottom of each cupcake paper so that they slide quickly and easily onto the Fruit Bars. The papers not only look cute, they also keep melting bars from making a mess!

Optional: Plates of crushed ice *You may choose to hand out the fruit bars on plates of crushed ice. This keeps the frozen fruit bars from melting as quickly.


1. The key to this project is to prepare and set out everything before removing the fruit bars from the freezer. Prepare all face parts and set out on plates placed throughout the table in such a way that they are easy for all to reach.

2. Have all kids sit and watch your demonstration before handing out the fruit bars.

-You want to show them that they key to getting the pieces to stick to the fruit bars is to frost the back of the fruit or candy and stick it on the fruit bar. If the bar begins to melt in the spot they want to place it, dab it with a paper towel or napkin to remove excess moisture, and re-stick. If they try to place the frosting “glue” on the frozen fruit bar to glue the pieces, the frosting glue will slide off.

-Let the kids know they can eat their creations immediately when they are finished. Or, if you would like to snap photos of their creations, have the camera ready. Tell them to raise their hand as SOON as they are done, snap a quick photo, then they can enjoy!

3. Quickly remove frozen fruit bars, one at a time, from freezer. Immediately slide a cupcake paper onto the stick, place on a paper plate (preferably covered with crushed ice to keep the bar longer), and distribute. *Sometimes the ice causes the cupcake liners to get a bit soggy. If you go for the “raise hand when done” option, then wait to slide the cupcake liner on for them at this point.

4. Enjoy the fun! And don’t forget to take photos and share them with us on our Facebook Page! We love to see your silly face creations!


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