Ice Cube Extraordinaire!

Ice Cube Extraordinaire!
Festive Juice-Ice Cubes

It’s not hard to add a little extra flair to your holiday party! One super-easy way to add awe-factor to your beverages is to substitute juice cubes for regular ice cubes. When the cubes begin to melt, instead of turning watery, the beverages only fill with more flavor. Guests love it!

*If you’re not hosting a holiday party this year, try surprising the family at dinner on Christmas Eve, or any other special occasion! icon wink Ice Cube Extraordinaire!

Super-Easy Instructions:

1. Simply fill ice cube tray with cranberries or pomegranate bits (or both).

2. Pour juice (or combination of juices) to fill tray. We used different combinations to yield different colored cubes.

Calamansi Lime Juice = Light Green

Passionfruit Orange Guava (POG) Juice = Orange

POG & Cranberry Juice = Red

3. Allow to freeze, remove cubes, place in an airtight storage bag or container, & make another round!

A Favorite Party Spritzer:

Try a combination of Seltzer Water, Calamansi, POG, & Cranberry Juice (proportions to taste) for a deliciously refreshing spritzer that will hydrate guests with natural goodness (not fill them with corn syrup!).

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