Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

Don’t buy boxes and bags for gifts when you have a perfectly good gift box in the fridge! Chug the rest of that juice and we’ll show you how to turn that juice container into an adorable gift box.


Juice Carton

X acto or Sharp Knife

Either Spray Paint or Wrapping Paper

Tape (If using wrapping paper)



Ribbon &/or other Decorative Items


1. Make juice spritzers for everyone to finish off your juice. icon wink Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

2. Give the carton a good rinse (no one likes the gift of stickiness).

3. With an X acto knife (or other sharp knife if you don’t have one–Be careful!), cut along the top seam to remove the upper section of the container. Dry out the inside if it is still a little wet.

GB X acto cut 300x200 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

4. Now you have two options: Spray paint or wrap it!

4a. Spray Paint: Do this step outside on some newspaper so the house doesn’t get “extra decorated” this year. icon wink Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

GB Spray Paint 300x200 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

1. Make sure the carton is completely dry.

2. Follow instructions on spray paint to lightly cover entire outside of carton.

3. Wait for carton to dry according to instructions on spray paint can.

4b. Gift Wrap: Wrap the conatiner just like you would any boxed gift.

GB Folded Paper1 300x200 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

1. Fold in and tape the bottom.

2. On the upper, open side, cut a slit along each corner so they easily tape into the inside of the carton.

3. Tape to inside of carton.

GB Fold Wrap 2 200x300 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

5. Decorate however you like with ribbons, string, rope, candy canes, gingerbread gummies, or whatever else you can find in your kitchen. icon wink Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags

6. If you would like a handle, make incisions using the knife or hole punch on either side of the box and tie with ribbon, twine, etc.

7. You’re done! Fill it with cookies, treats, gifts, decorations, or whatever else you think of! Share with us what you come up with on Facebook–We’d love to see your masterpieces!

Finished Gold1Effect 200x300 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags   GBSnowman1Effect 204x300 Upcycle! Gift Boxes & Bags



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